Recipes of the month:
Pick your choice! Once you have gone through them, you could obtain further recipes from the Carrotqueen
- Hansen-Jensen-layercake (September)

- Onion Cake from Göttingen (October)
- Schnitzel a la bear - female (November)
- Walnut Cookies (December)
- Bakmi Goreng (January)
- Brussels Sprouts a la Paul Bocuse (February)
Crostini with mozzarella & rosemary (March)
- Pork loin with asparagus & (button) mushrooms (April)
- Quiche with asparagus (May)
- Curried Rice Salad (June)
- Dom Pedro (July)
- Mediterranean Zucchini Salad (August)

As I am a professional eater and not a professional cooking recipes translator, I reject any liability claims point-blank: when my wife does this dish, it tastes delicious so don't blame it on the translation!

The classic: Carrotcake

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