The next runs where you can catch the "Flying Carrot":

at the 41st public run through the forest of Obertshausen over 10km on July 30th and then, at the 35th Riesling run over 10km at Oestrich-Winkel on Aug 20th

My last runs were:
the 7th Run around the Wart Tower at Schaafheim over 10km on June 11th in 59min25sec and thereafter, the 22nd Kurt-Roth Memory Run over 10km at Wersau on June 18th in 56min43sec and finally, the 18th Run through the town of Dieburg on June 24th in 50min32sec
Mileage in 2017:
703km (113,6km in official road races)
[in 2016: I ran on 179 days and I accomplished 1466km overall (248km were achieved in 19 official road races); on 100 overall km, Monthy joined me]
I circumnavigate the world - in 30 yeays = 40075km: I did it during the 32nd International Potzberg Mountain Race at Pigletts Hill on Nov 14th, 2015!!! Now, I am on my 2nd lap...... ;-)
I completed the marathon of my life

Running for

SOS Children's Villages - in particular for Ennerdale
The planned BIG 1 in 2017: a half marathon on the island of Cyprus (at Paphos) on Oct 5th - organized by Marco Polo / Wichart Hölscher with whom we travelled & ran on the Big Chinese Wall, through the desert in Oman and through the Highlands of Myanmar
The BIG 1 in 2015: the half marathon across the Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco on July 26th in 2h8min13sec (Race no. 32516). The top of the bridge was in the clouds and the view onto the city was foggy but it was still a great experience!
The BIG 1 in 2014: my 10th Trollinger half marathon in succession at Heilbronn: this time, I did it in 2h5min23sec (PB 1h45min). On each of the runs, I had a sip of the Trollinger red wine at km 20.
The BIG 1 in 2013: the 16th CARROTS Run at Hiddestorf over 21,1km on Sep 22nd in 1h54min22sec - being the Carrotking, I HAD to run that one ;-) - very good event with a lot of fun: the Carrotking was very much welcomed
The BIG 1 in 2012: the half marathon at Kalaw / Myanmar (Birma) on Nov 24th in 3h11min (= silver medal)- organized by Marco Polo / Wichart Hoelscher: the course was tough. We ran on mogul slopes with steep up and downhills through the countryside & little villages with farmers and temperatures as high as 30°C at an altitude of 1300m above sea level.

The older I get the faster I was:

I have completed
750 official (road) races.

Year km
Run Venue Time
'99 5 7 Cup da Franco Darmstadt 19:42
'00 10 210 Stadtlauf Dieburg 39:43
'87 15 97 Volkslauf Groß-Gerau 1:03:36
'92 21,1 205 Kolkor Kouga Kus Humansdorp (SA) 1:29:12
'93 25 8 River Jol Parys (SA) 1:56:58
'93 32 21 Kellogg's Striders Springs (SA) 2:33:16
'93 42,2 37 Elite Wilge Frankfort (SA) 3:30:05
'93 50 4 City to City Jo'burg (SA) 4:53:26
'92 56 3 Two Oceans Kapstadt (SA) 5:09:04
'93 90 3 Comrades Durban (SA)


Fantastic Runs Comrades, New York Marathon, Two Oceans, Medoc, half marathon at the Great Chinese Wall (Click here ).
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