Running with the Carrotking

The next event where you can spot the “Running Carrot”…
…might be a 10kay race of Wersau on Jun 18th or maybe at the 2nd trolley run at Altenglan – if I find a person for the second leg
My last run was…
… the 40th Run at Fischbachtal over 12,6 ondulating kilometers on May 18th, in 1h14min36sec (7th in my age category)

Total number of official road races up to now: 795 runs

In 2022, I have run so far 578 km of which 37,7 km were accomplished in official road races (in 2022, I ran 1357 km on 170 days of which 63 km came from road races)

When it all started
I am running since I was a youngster – first to support my soccer fitness training and later own, it became normal.

I ran my 1st marathon ever as a result of a bet in 1985 – without any training (not recommendable!): I finished the Potteries Marathon at Stoke-on-Trent and won the bet. In 2003, I ran my last marathon – the “original” one from Marathon to Athens. All-in-all – and counting the ultra marathons as well – I completed 50 marathons.

While staying in South Africa, I defintively became addicted: 3 months upon arrival, I ran the Johannesburg Marathon and 9 months later, I ran my 1st Comrades.

I ran on all continents: from the East (Tokyo) to the West (San Francisco) and from North (Sundsvall/SWE) to South (Melbourne).

In these days, I am focussing on any distance below the half marathon one. I ran my last half marathon (my 211th) on July 10th, 2022, at Altenglan in 2h10min.

The older I get the faster I was……..All-in-all, I have run over 50194 kilometers…….

The BIG 1s in 2019: On May 19th, I ran the 3 country half marathon at Basel in 2h 4min: luckily, the weather was good and the scenery rather nice – pity that there were not too many spectators ;-(
On September 29th, I finished the 58th Route Du Vin Semi-Marathon at Luxembourg (the oldest half marathon in the world) in 1h 58min.
On November 8th, I won the
half marathon in the jungle around Angkor Wat in 2h 17min.
The Big 1s in 2018: I enjoyed the 38th Berlin half marathon on April 8th, coming in as the 12024 runner out of 25000 finishers (35000 registered though?!). And I have completed the desert run over 18,8km in the Sahara desert close to Erg Chebbi, Morocco in 3h20min2sec on Oct 23rd. The race was organized by Wichart Hölscher with whom we travelled & ran on the Big Chinese Wall, through the desert in Oman, through the Highlands of Myanmar and on Cyprus.
Boy-oh-boy, the run was tougher than thought: we ran up the dunes, down the dunes – all in the sand – at mid day. I had to walk the last round of approx. 2,3km but I finished in 2nd position Men and 3rd overall.
The Big 1 in 2015: the half marathon across the Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco on July 26th in 2h8min13sec. The top of the bridge was in the clouds and the view onto the city was foggy but it was still a great experience!
The Big 1 in 2014: my 10th Trollinger half marathon in succession at Heilbronn: this time, I did it in 2h5min23sec (PB 1h45min). On each of the runs, I had a sip of the Trollinger red wine at km 20!
The Big 1 in 2013: the 16th CARROTS Run at Hiddestorf over 21,1km on Sep 22nd in 1h54min22sec – being the Carrotking, I HAD to run that one 😉 – very good event with a lot of fun: the Carrotking was very much welcomed

My Runs

Distance How often
PB (year)
PB in the past 36 months
5km 7 x 19:42 (1999)
10km 227 x 39:43 (2000) 49:34
15km 99 x 1:03:36 (1987) 1:21:02
21,1km 211 x 1:29:12 (1992) 1:57:37
32km 21 x 2:33:16 (1993)
42,2km 37 x 3:30:05 (1993)
56km 3 x 5:09:04 (1992)
90km+ 3 x 9:50:47 (1993)

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