Life is too short to drink bad wines. Here come our latest recommendations:

2019 Rosé “La Vie en Rosé” from the OK51-series of the wine cooperative Oberkirch in the Black Forrest area
a fruity-fresh rosé for beautiful summer evenings: not too sweet, but not to sour either. Fits also well with a salad or a salmon cheese spread. It sells for EUR 5,80 per bottle and one can order at

2018 Syrah from the wine cooperative Oberkirch in the Black Forrest area:
FINALLY a German red wine which comes close to our beloved South African wines. Dark-coloured with strong tanine and a partly bittersweet, partly spicy beery aroma. The wine cooperative Oberkirch sells it for EUR 10,50 per bottle

Our favorite wine: the Zinfandel from the South-African wine estate Blaauwklippen (Stellenbosch)

By the way, in Italy, the Zinfandel is called  Primitivo – which is not primitve at all 😉

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