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The older I get, the faster I was

Distance ran in 2017 so far:

1183km (198,3km in races)

Ich bitte um Spenden für das SOS Kinderdorf in Ennerdale bei Jo'burg - Südafrika

Für jeden im Wettkampf gelaufenen Kilometer spenden wir EUR 1,00; für jeden im Training EUR 0,50.Für jeden im Wettkampf gelaufenen Kilometer spenden wir EUR 1,00; für jeden im Training EUR 0,50.

 Laufend engagiert

The one & only  Carrotking


I am running for SOS Childrens VillagesI am running for SOS Childrens Villages


The next run where you will see the "Running Carrot":

at the 40th trophy run at Reinheim over 10km on Dec 9th

My last race was:

the 34th mountain race at Piglett's Hill over 8,2km + 350m altitude difference on Nov 11th

Total number of official road races up to now:   756

I am running since I was a youngster - first to support my soccer fitness training and later own, it became normal.

I ran my 1st marathon ever as a result of a bet in 1985 - without any training (not recommendable!): I finished the Potteries Marathon at Stoke-on-Trent and won the bet. In 2003, I ran my last marathon - the "original" one from Marathon to Athens. All-in-all - and counting the ultra marathons as well - I completed 50 marathons.

While staying in South Africa, I definetively became addicted: 3 months upon arrival, I ran the Johannesburg Marathon and 9 months later, I ran my 1st Comrades.

I ran on all continents: from the East (Tokyo) to the West (San Francisco) and from North (Sundsvall) to South (Melbourne).

In these days, I am focussing on half marathons - and any distance below. So far, I have finished 205 half marathons. A target could be to finish 211 half marathons and then take it easier. Why 211? Well, the half marathon distance is 21,1km.....  The next half marathon on my list: the one through Berlin in Apr 18. And I wanna run a half marathon in the North - Iceland or Norway would be good. And I want to finish the oldest half marathon in the world, the Route Du Vin in Luxmbourg (the 56th edition will be run in 2017 Lauf http://routeduvin.lu/de/17/info/halbmarathon/?CC=OK).


How often?

Best Time (Year)     

Best time in

the past 24 months  

5km 7 x
19:42 (1999)  -
10km 212 x
39:43 (2000) 50:32
15km 98 x
1:03:36 (1987)  -
21,1km 206 x
1:29:12 (1992) 1:57:54
32km 21 x
2:33:16 (1993)  -
42,2km 37 x
3:30:05 (1993) -
56km 3 x
5:09:04 (1992) -
90km+ 3 x
9:50:47 (1993)  -

My BIG ones

The BIG 1 in  2017:       the half marathon on the island of Cyprus (close to Aphrodite's Bath - Latchi ) on Oct 15th in 2h39min10sec - I came in Third! The whole trip was organized by Marco Polo / Wichart Hölscher with whom we travelled & ran on the Big Chinese Wall, through the desert in Oman and through the Highlands of Myanmar. The run on the Akamas peninsula itself was "Wichi style": up & down across country - and we ran a bit longer ;-)
The BIG 1 in 2015:       the half marathon across the Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco on July 26th in 2h8min13sec. The top of the bridge was in the clouds and the view onto the city was foggy but it was still a great experience!
The BIG 1 in 2014:       my 10th Trollinger half marathon in succession at Heilbronn: this time, I did it in 2h5min23sec (PB 1h45min). On each of the runs, I had a sip of the Trollinger red wine at km 20.
The BIG 1 in 2013:       the 16th CARROTS Run at Hiddestorf over 21,1km on Sep 22nd in 1h54min22sec - being the Carrotking, I HAD to run that one ;-) - very good event with a lot of fun: the Carrotking was very much welcomed  http://www.ruebenlauf.de

The BIG 1 in 2012:

      the half marathon at Kalaw / Myanmar (Birma) on Nov 24th in 3h11min (= silver medal)- organized by Marco Polo / Wichart Hoelscher: the course was tough. We ran on mogul slopes with steep up and downhills through the countryside & little villages with farmers and temperatures as high as 30°C at an altitude of 1300m above sea level


All these kilometers over the yearsAll these kilometers over the years