Cooking with the CARROTQUEEN

( out of the book „Zwergenstuebchen Backbuch“ published by the Vehling-publishing house at Basel – Graz)



  • 12 slices rusk,
  • 5 eggs,
  • 250gr of sugar,
  • 250gr of grinded hazelnuts,
  • 250gr of grated carrots,
  • juice & grated skin of an untreated lemon,
  • 3 teaspoons of baking powder,
  • 200gr of icing sugar


And off we go: put the 12 slices of rusk into a towel and crush them by means of a rolling pin. Wisk the egg yolk and the sugar. Add the hazelnuts, the backing powder, the carrots, the crushed rusk as well as the juice & the grated skin of the untreated lemon and mix it. Wisk the egg white until soft peaks form and fold it into the a.m. mixture. Fill the batter into a greased tin.
Bake in the oven at 175 – 195 degrees C for an hour.
Cover the carrotcake with icing sugar and decorate it with marzipan carrots on top.

As I am a professional cake eater and not a professional cooking recipes translator, I reject any liability claims point-blank: when my wife bakes this cake, it tastes delicious so don’t blame it on the translation!

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